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Want to Mount a TV Set like a Real Professional?


TV Mounting: DIY Project Versus Hiring an Expert


So, you have just bought a new flat-screen TV set and you can’t wait to turn it on. Do you know how to set it up? Do you have the proper tools to go through all the steps? Are you familiar with all the TV mounting tips and tricks? Or maybe you need to hire a pro? Check this out:


  • Preparation. First thing you need to do is find the best location where you will be mounting your television. If you want to mount it high, make sure you have a ladder to get the job done correctly and precisely. Have you predicted the weight of your device? Have you made all the measurements? Do you want to avoid all kinds of failures? Just leave the preparation work to the specialists.

  • Hookup. You should better contact an experienced and skilled handyman to do it all right the first time. Why? Because service providers follow some strict rules make the job pretty easy and effective. They will aware of all the details about this process. They will remove the base off the TV if it is attached, place the television face down on a soft flat surface, and look for those four holes on the back of it. Afterwards, a qualified technician will mount a bracket with the appropriate size, using a screw driver to tighten the bolts professionally. After that has been done, he will find the studs in your wall and will mark the centers. He will drill holes into the centers and place the mounted bracket on the wall. A true specialist will make sure the whole process is completed swiftly.

  • Conclusion. When you mount your television, make sure it stays on your eye-level when you are sitting down. A professional will also help you find the most proper location to reduced the screen glare. The best you can do to is mount it where it will be safe from a direct sunlight. Do not install lighting directly above your device.


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