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Ways to Improve Wifi Speed at Home

Increasing Internet Speed  

A reliable internet connection is a necessary tool for many people’s professional and personal lives. It’s sad and frustrating if, in the middle of your work, wifi connections suddenly go unstable. Luckily, there are ways we can do to improve and increase the internet speed at home without paying much.

Keep clutters away from the router

Remove any devices or appliances near or next to the router that might cause signal disruption.

Reposition your router

Your router should be mounted somewhere high off the ground, and in the center of your house to reach all ends equally.

Give your router a break

If speed issues go on every day, it is best to reset your router and give it at least 5 minutes break to refresh the internet connection. Reset the router as needed.

Adjust the antennas

Reconfiguring and adjusting your router antennas could help in fixing speed issues too.

Replace your equipment

If all the things above don’t work, maybe there’s a problem with your equipment. It is good that you try checking your router or modem and replace it as needed.

Add speed booster

If your router is in its best location but the speed is still unstable, you might try to add a booster device that can stretch your network’s range.

Upgrade your subscription

In the long run, there might be a need to upgrade your subscription from your internet provider to meet your needs.

Transfer to other Internet Provider

Sometimes the problem is not on your end, if there is a need to transfer to another internet provider then why not. If your present internet provider is still giving you a slow connection no matter how many tips you have tried, consider a transfer or a swap. Switching providers should be your last resort.

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