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Wifi Tips

How to Improve Your Home’s Wifi¬†¬†

Do you have major issues with your Wifi coverage and performance, or are you simply wondering whether you are getting enough value from your subscription?

Wireless network issues are often caused by your home and its surroundings, and not the actual wireless equipment, nor the service that you receive from your provider. Therefore, it is recommended that you get an overview first, as you will know where all the bottlenecks and dead zones are in your home before you start to make changes.

Start by checking that your provider provides you with the speed that you are paying for. Use a computer that has a wired internet connection to perform this. Hopefully, this will confirm the speed delivered corresponds to the one that is listed for your subscription. Now you know what the maximum performance is. However, if the test results show that you have lower speeds than you should be getting, contact your internet service provider.

Bear in mind that:

  • In most cases, your ISP is committed to delivering a certain speed over a wired connection, and not a wireless one.

  • Speed tests are better suited for wired connections and bad for wireless, due to the fact that wireless performance can be affected by many variables.

Map Your Coverage and Locate the Dead Zones

You get the best overview of the condition of your wireless network by creating a heat map that will provide you with your coverage.

For this, you need a heat mapper application. You get the best ones when you have a digital copy of the overall floor plan of your home, however, this is not a requirement. You need to note though, that this can be somewhat of a comprehensive task, but it can provide you with a good overview of the situation and what the best starting point is if you plan on improving your network without any purchases, or if you are getting ready to purchase new equipment.

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